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It has been some time since my last update, but I haven’t been lazy. I’m working very hard, to get this game to the “Early Access Stage”. From now on, Traders, Raiders and the Military are more organized. I have finished work on formation flight and implemented the first piracy possibilities for players by adding ship-boarding functions and cargo dumping/scooping. Read More »

Screenshot1As the next step in matter of playability, I finished work on basic trading. The Marketplace is unique in each system. Planets are producing some kinds of Wares and consume all the others. The Prices are depending on supply, demand and production capabilities. Read More »


There are two possibilities when encountering one of these monsters. You are a friend of the Atean Federation and you can feel safe – or you should flee. Read More »


Built to protect the freedom of the Auloci Republic, this Destroyer was built only for one purpose. – War. Although, the Auloci Republic strongly holds, that Universe should be a place of freedom and peace, they understand that sometimes the only way to protect, is to fight. Read More »



Hello and welcome back to my Blog. I know it has been some time since my last post. I’ve been busy learning for the exams, but now I’m back and I have a lot of time and motivation to continue the work on my Game. Read More »


Hey people, I just finished work on some Concepts. What do you expect in a Space Game? Planets, of course! Read More »

The Atean Federation does not trust in “safe routes” or “secured areas” and always shows its strength, even with their freighters. Read More »


The Isired Fighter is a very fast and agile ship with a nice amount of firepower. Read More »

Hey People, I just wanted to share my Isired Carrier Concept with you. Read More »



I’ve just finished my work on the About page. There are some informations about what the game will be. Check it out :)